Hackathon 2019

Curaçao Tech Meetups | Women in Tech

Hackathon Curaçao 311 App

Using technology to improve citizen to government communication and vice versa. The Curaçao 311 app uses technology to provide an easy, straightforward way for citizens to communicate with the government and island services.

Curaçao Tech Meetups invites everyone to come talk, ideate, and brainstorm around the idea of improving (two-way) government communication using technology together with the creators of Curaçao 311.

Possible results of the hackathon can include collaborations, app offshoots, new projects, broadening/deepening the Curaçao 311 app, or something else entirely.

Curaçao Tech Meetups | Curaçao 311 Hackathon
Venue: Acoya Resort Curaçao


08:30 – Registration
09:00 – Curaçao 311 Hackathon
12:00 – LUNCH BREAK (Special lunch price at Acoya for participants)
13:30 – Preparation for group presentations
14:00 – Group presentations
15:30 – Let’s socialize
16:00 – Conclusion

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