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Bon Bini na Curaçao Tech Meetups

Curaçao Tech Meetups is an Exclusive and FREE Event for everyone.
The main theme this year revolts about Women in Tech.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

This event is built on the concepts, principles and ideas of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a set of goals committed to by 193 world leaders to contribute to a sustainable planet in 2030.

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Last year our tickets sold fast so don’t miss. Curaçao Tech Meetups will start in
  • DAY 1 - Opening Night - Curaçao as a Tech Nation - Monday 2 September at Central Bank starting 5.30PM

    Monday - 2nd of September 2019. Ladies Empowered! This evening is dedicated to all our ladies which are inspirators to put a foundation for other women in technology. Opening keynote speeches by founder of Curaçao Tech Meetups Adric Walter, empowering ladies and the Prime Minister of Curaçao his excellency Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath. Opening is by Miss Curaçao 2019 - Miss Kyrsha Attaf. ✅ GET FREE TICKETS

  • Keynote speech by his excellency, Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath - Prime Minister of the country of Curaçao.
    Keynote Speeches

  • Joanne Balentien Nicastia will inspire us why we should create a nation based on technological principles.
    Keynote Speeches
    Tech in Education
    Central Bank of Curaçao - Auditorium

  • My fierce mission is to help create a great nation. Therefore I created the Curaçao Tech Meetups to contribute to the prosperity of the island Curaçao we all love so much. I will layout my vision for the next 5 to 10 years to transform and impact our country and make it one of the most attractive places in the world. I promise it will be a very interesting keynote speech.
    Keynote Speeches
    Tech in Education
    The Central Bank of Curaçao

  • DAY 2 - Technologies Of The Next Decades - Tuesday 3rd of September at Central Bank starting at 5.30PM

    Tuesday – 3rd of September 2019. We will look at all the dominant technologies which will define our future during this evening, from Artificial Intelligence, Data Driven Decision Making, Robots and Domotica and Cloud Computing. ✅ GET FREE TICKETS

  • DAY 3 - Tech Business made in Curaçao - Wednesday 4th of September at Central Bank starting at 5.30PM

    Wednesday - 4rd of September. Real life case studies of CaribAlgae, Skempi, Caag Software and CxPay which are concrete case studies of Tech Businesses Made in Curaçao. Creating a Sustainable Tech Economy. Doing Sustainable Business by leveraging TECH on a beautiful island.


  • DAY 4 - High Tech Night - Thursday 5th of September at Central Bank starting at 5.30PM

    Thursday 5th of September. Deep dive sessions about Introduction to Computer Languages. The powerful C# and .NET core, Python, R, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Programming in real and live a Conversational Robot.


  • DAY 5 - INVITE ONLY - Leaders of Industry Network Event - Friday 6th of September

    Friday 6th of September. Inspirational Keynote speeches. Keynote speech by Founder of Curaçao Tech Meetups Adric Walter. Further. Networking event with all officials like the Prime Ministers, Directors of Multinationals. We welcome Mr. Allen Greenberg. Mr. Greenberg has a career member of the U.S. Foreign Service, assumed his duties as Principal Officer of the U.S. Consulate General in Curacao and U.S. Chief of Mission to the Dutch Caribbean since June 2019. We are also very honoured to welcome Mr. Erwin Arkenbout, the Dutch Representative in Curaçao. ✅ GET FREE TICKETS

  • DAY 6 - DRONES for KIDS - Saturday 7th of September

    Saturday the 7th of September. Kids will build and program their own drones during interactive workshops - supervised by professional Drone Pilots. This day is all about learning, building, programming, flying and playing games with drones.


  • DAY 7 - Vegan meets Tech - Sunday 8th of September

    We are about to change the country so we will not only feed your brain with intelligence but also your body with the best and most delicious food. This is an event to prove that vegan food is actually very exciting.


A Leading Technology Event For Everyone

The event of Curaçao Meetups is intended to explain everyone the concepts behind future technologies in an easy and understandable way. Either if you are working in a large corporation or you are enjoying technology as a consumer, we will make sure you understand technology.